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Couch To Trail Facebook Community Group

Get Off Your Apps!

America’s couch potatoes are becoming ever more deeply rooted, and technology is the reason why. Federal survey data shows the amount of time people spend sitting around has increased in recent years, driven by more leisure time spent with a computer. 


Always Choose Adventures mission is to get people off their apps and outdoors. 

Excess time spent sitting has been associated with an increased risk of obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes and premature death. We have traded green time for screen time and it has had an impact on our well-being and development.


What is Couch To Trail? 

Always Choose Adventures (a 501c3 nonprofit organization) is happy to announce our Couch to Trail series! 


We realize people of all ages and backgrounds want to access the outdoors and may not feel comfortable in doing so. 


It’s hard to start new routines, meet new people, and develop new habits. Our Couch to Trail series will help with those struggles!


  • Community

  • Consistency

  • Outdoor Recreation

  • Health

Stephanie's Story

From ACA Member Stephanie Solorzano. “Here’s my #couchtotrail story.

In 2017 I was stuck in a rut in all areas of my life; I was in a dead-end job, I was at my all-time heaviest weight, I was unhealthy and I isolated myself from everyone.  I resigned myself to accepting this was my reality and there was no hope for change. January 2017 I started a health program with zero expectations that it would work for me and to my amazement, I lost 60lbs!  As I began to lose weight, my body started to change, but more importantly my mind began to change. All the things in my life that were impossible for me were now within my reach. New opportunities came my way as I let go of old, toxic mindsets.  To support my newfound health I began to walk and I started hiking.  

In Spring 2018 I went on a hike with Always Choose Adventures (ACA) and I knew I had to be part of this community.  As a Colorado native I’m sad to admit that I had never explored our beautiful state. With ACA I visited so many new places, I felt like tourist in my own state!!

Going on adventures with ACA supports my health goals by being active.  Being part of this community I have made countless new friends who share my love of nature and adventure. 

My goal for Couch to Trail is to encourage people who are new to hiking, who want to get healthy and want to be in a fun, encouraging community.  Lets Always Choose Adventures together!!”

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Damian's Story

From ACA Member Damian Solorzano. “Here’s my #couchtotrail story. From clinically obese to 14K feet. I lost 75 lbs through behavior modification, education and nutrition. Hiking with ACA has been crucial to maintaining my physical and mental health. Looking forward to this community and getting on the trail!”

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