ACA Mountaineering Presents: 

 Couch to Climbing 

An Introduction to the World of Mountaineering

The ACA Mountaineering team is proud to present our newest, and most robust, program yet! The Couch to Climbing program will take you to heights you never imagined. Spanning a total of 8 months, 7 online sessions, and 4 in-person “applications,” there’s sure to be something for everyone to discover!

During your Couch to Climbing journey, you’ll be able to participate in any number of our four Modules, each of which consists of two online learning sessions, followed by a larger Application Day, where you can put your newfound skills to the test[1]. The best part: you can participate in as many or as few areas of the program as you want! Just sign up for the sections you’ll most enjoy. A full listing of the modules can be found broken down below.

Along with this program, you’ll have full access to the Altitude Chasers, ACA’s primary mountaineering and climbing team. The team offers over 100 years of combined experience, including the famous author of Colorado’s 14ers, Gerry Roach. You’ll be able to access and tap into years of knowledge about mountaineering, climbing, and training with special 1-on-1 consultations with the team, as well as help with planning trips and adventures of your own. Zach and Jared, the program leaders, will be on standby to help you through this amazing experience and make it your own!


We hope to see you out there during this year of stewardship and community. All details regarding the modules can be located below. See you in the hills!

Program Breakdown and Details

Module 1: First Steps

  1. Online Learning Session 1: What to Expect on a Day Out- January 27th @7pm MST (FREE)

  2. Online Learning Session 2: How to Prepare for a Day Out- February 10 @7pm MST (FREE)

  3. Application: Bear Peak Day Hike- February 27th @8am MST (Members- FREE; Non-Members- $10)



Module 2: The Basics

  1. Online Learning Session 1: How to Prepare for Longer Trips- March 24th @7pm MST (FREE)

  2. Online Learning Session 2: Preparing for the Unexpected- April 7 @7pm MST (FREE)

  3. Application: Browns Creek Falls - April 24th @8am MST (Members- FREE; Non-Members- $15)



Module 3: Going Higher

  1. Online Learning Session 1: Elevating Your Efforts- May 12th @7pm MST (FREE)

  2. Online Learning Session 2: Preparing for Altitude- June 9th @7pm MST (FREE)

  3. Application: Greys and Torreys- June 25th @6pm (Members- FREE; Non-Members- $20)



Module 4: Application

  1. Online Learning Session 1: Putting It All Together- July 7th @7pm MST (FREE)

  2. Application: Mt. Sneffels via Blue Lakes- August 5th @12pm MST (Members- FREE; Non-Members- $25)


[1] Module 4 is the exception, wherein it will consist of only one (1) online session, followed by a more advanced Application, which will be available at the discretion of the Mountaineering Team


Module 1, Session 1

Module 1, Session 2


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