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What is Couch to Trail?

We realize people of all ages and backgrounds want to access the outdoors and may not feel comfortable in doing so. 


It’s hard to start new routines, meet new people, and develop new healthy habits.


Our Couch to Trail series will help with those struggles! Coach Ryan Humphries of Axistence Athletics, Jenn Dormann Yoga Teacher of 10+ years, Jenny Roach lead ACA Ambassador, and Chantelle Shoaee Supplemental Oxygen Hiker, and founder of Always Choose Adventures are here to help you succeed on the trails and adventures. 


We offer a 6-Week program in 2022 to enhance your health, eating habits and social life. 

The 6 Week Couch To Trail program will be a combination of both virtual learning, and in-person meet-ups. Whether it’s been a little while since you’ve taken a hike, or whether this is your first time, this 6 week program will provide you with the knowledge to not only keep you safe, but also to make sure that you actually enjoy your next adventure!


Over a six-week period we’ll cover the foundations of:

  • -Nutrition

  • -Fitness

  • -Recovery

  • -Adventure planning

  • These topics will be covered via Zoom and downloadable .pdf worksheets. Although this is not a “Challenge” you can use it to challenge yourself. Living one’s most adventurous life doesn’t happen in 6 week challenges. However, this is an excellent opportunity to “kick-start” things in the right direction and the right education to make sure that good habits stick.

  • Q&As 

  • Who is this program for?

  • Although the 6-week program was designed for the beginner adventurer, even an advanced outdoor enthusiast could benefit from the lessons learned throughout the course. This course is for ALL abilities!


  • I might not be able to make the Zoom calls, will they be recorded?

  • Yes! They'll be located in our Facebook Community


  • I’ve never done anything fitness related before, are you guys going to kill me?

  • Absolutely not. In fact, we’re going to shift the conversation of how people think about fitness (from punishment to enjoyment). Wait, that sounds dirty... Whatever, we’re going to make sure you’re actually having fun with it.


  • I want to join with a friend/family member. Can we join as a team for a discount?

  • Accountability is awesome and you’re much more likely to stick with something if you have a friend with you. Also, the value provided in the course is already being offered at a massive discount. The majority of your investment will go to help ACA continue to offer programs like this in the future.

Investment: $75.00 

PAID ACA Members Only Please

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Co-Owner, Manager, Coach and Trainer at Axistence Athletics - Training for a life of Adventure!


  • B.S. Health Management & Exercise Science

  • Former Instructor: National Personal Training Institute

  • ​CSCS, National Strength & Conditioning Association

  • Precision Nutrition Coach L1

  • NASM, Certified Personal Trainer

  • NASM, Performance Enhancement Specialist

  • NASM, Corrective Exercise Specialist

  • StrongFirst, SFG I

  • StrongFirst, SFL

  • ​StrongFirst, SFE

  • MovNat, Level 2 Certified Trainer

  • CrossFit, Level 1 Certified Trainer

  • FMS Level 1 (Functional Movement Screen)

  • TRX Suspension Training, Certified Level 1 + Group Instructor

  • Master Trainer; more than 5,000 sessions serviced

  • NOLS, Certified Wilderness First Responder

Ryan Humprhies is the co-founder and head coach of Axistence: Training For A Life of Adventure. Growing up as an asthmatic kid in Missouri, Ryan was far from athletic. His pursuit of health and fitness has taken many roads over the last couple decades.


His passion lies in helping others live to their full genetic potential and unlocking the fitness they’re truly capable of. He combines his knowledge of Exercise Science and his love for outdoor adventure to develop training programs designed for people who want to live their most adventurous life.​

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Couch To Trail - Yoga Teacher
Credentials: Yoga Teacher Training certification in 2012

Jenn has been an active Yogi for 20 years and found her passion during a hot yoga class in Boulder, CO while attending CU (Go Buffs!), and has been teaching professionally for 10 years. She received her Yoga Teacher Training certification in 2012, one of the best gifts she ever gave herself. Jenn is a friendly and professional Yoga Instructor with a passion for fitness and well-being as part of a healthy lifestyle. She loves to create a welcoming space, yet offer a challenging set of Vinyasa movements for both an invigorating and calming practice for varying levels and abilities. Who cares if you can't touch your toes, as long as you listen to your breath, see the potential in yourself and grow patiently from there (oh! And just bend your knees!). When Jenn isn’t teaching or practicing yoga, she loves to run with podcasts (Ear Hustle is my fav right now!), paddleboard, read Sci-Fi/Fantasy books, and peruse cookbooks to try new recipes with her family. Jenn lives with her boyfriend, his three kids and two dogs - there is always an adventure to be had! With an open heart, kind words and clear intentions, I look forward to guiding you on the mat!


Lead Ambassador at Always Choose Adventures
Credentials: Wilderness First Aid  

Jenny is the leader of the Sloth Hiking Team - We will get there, when we get there. Come join us on a no pressure hike! Being outside had saved this human's life in more ways than one and she is ready, willing and able to help you find the adventure tools to help you succeed in your Couch To Trail story!


Couch To Trail Ambassador

When Lauren first moved to Colorado (during the pandemic) she was out hiking 4-5 times a week. She would do short hikes during the week and then explore the mountains on the weekends. This was the reason she moved here. Nothing beats the sound of your feet hitting the dirt trail, the feeling of the sun shining down on you, the smells and sounds of nature. Like with most people, life and responsibilities took over when she became a homeowner again, and unfortunately adventuring fell down on her priority list. Not this year! Lauren has made several commitments to herself this year when it comes to hiking, and she can’t wait to get off the couch and back on the trails with everyone!


The Hypoxic Hiker
Founder & Executive Director at Always Choose Adventures 
Credentials: Wilderness First Aid Responder, Board Member at Colorado Search and Rescue Association - CSAR  

Chantelle is taking her life back in 2022 by participating in the Couch to Trail program.

In 2020, after wearing masks and adventuring to the max, Chantelle learned that her airway was 90% collapsed and the only way to potentially repair it was to undergo a major tracheaplasty surgery. This involved cutting open her back and attaching the mesh to her spine and trachea to keep her airway from collapsing. Unfortunately, the surgery did not fix her oxygenation (hypoxia) issues, so she continues to have to hike with supplemental oxygen.

Chantelle is excited to help lead 2022's Couch to Trail hikes in hopes to regain her adventure mojo, getting back into shape after surgery and losing weight from being sedentary for most of 2020, and 2021.