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Where do donations go? 

Donations help Always Choose Adventures continue our programs, events and education to our members. With these generous donations from organizations, individuals, businesses and YOU, we are able to empower individuals and create a healthier community. Our programs involve purchasing food, drinks, new or used gear for our members that are new to adventuring, the Couch to Trail program is a great way to get started outdoors. 


Donations also go to supplies such as trash bags, gloves, trash pickers, transportation, food and drinks for our Trail TimeOut Program. Always Choose Adventures has adopted part of 6th Avenue, as part of the Spruce Up Colorado Program. Once a quarter our members clean part of the highway to help do our part to keep Colorado clean! 


Always Choose Adventures also has a strong relationship with Denver Children's Home! DCH helps kids who have survived trauma, neglect, and abuse confront serious mental health challenges.  Once a quarter our members visit Denver Children’s Home, as part of our #TrailTimeOut program to volunteer their time and cook a meal from scratch for Sunday Dinner. Our volunteers collaborate together and figure out a meal that each volunteer can contribute to, then work together to cook the meal. 

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