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Favorite Adventures:

Being a native Floridian, Rebecca's favorite adventures always revolved around water.  While most of her friends enjoyed the comfort of air conditioning, the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, the Saint John's River and all of the crystal clear springs throughout the heart of the state always provided cool, calming relief from the hot, humid Florida weather. She loves canoeing, kayaking, surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, biking, hiking, and exploring the many different ecosystems that Florida has to offer.  As a certified personal trainer and yoga teacher, she's always finding ways to incorporate adventure with fitness.


Why She Always Chooses Adventures:

Rebecca always chooses adventures because it fills her soul with joy and she believes that life should be about enjoying every moment to the fullest. In a world where we are constantly being pulled down by thoughts of the past or worries about the future, adventures help us enjoy and stay focused on the moment we are in while creating long-lasting happy memories with friends both old and new.



Favorite Adventures: After many surgeries and chemotherapy, Valencia began walking to get her body back in shape and to boost her mood after going through two years of treatments after her breast cancer diagnosis. Movement matters and walking was simply the easiest form of exercise for her to add to her daily routine. As her strength grew, she also began hiking and yoga.  She realized she needed to change everything about her life and being outside in nature became her daily habit. Exercise and being in nature enabled her to sleep better, boosted her self- esteem (which she desperately needed after her double mastectomy), helped her to disconnect and destress, and helped rid her body of all the toxicities of the chemotherapy.

Why she chooses adventures?

Her oncologist told her that she probably wouldn’t live 5 years from the date of her diagnosis.  15 years later, she is surviving, thriving and living her best life. Valencia embraces every moment of every day. She is a certified yoga teacher and travels extensively teaching, supporting patients, and making friends all over the world.

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