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A premature birth alongside multiple birth defects (Tracheoesophageal fistula) is how her story began. A story of being born to overcome life’s adversities and what it means to fight to live. Just a few hours after she was born – she endured major surgery and in the process had to be resuscitated 13 times. Because of a challenging beginning, she now endures vocal cord dysfunction, severe asthma, and COPD which come with their own set of unique challenges in the form of frequent and multiple respiratory infections. During her childhood – doctors instructed Chantelle’s parents to keep her indoors as much as possible; she was a bubble child. Never being able to participate in camping, hiking, backpacking, climbing, exploring or adventures left a void her a young Chantelle that would only be filled later in her life.


Fast forward to Chantelle’s adulthood and she still continues to overcome life’s adversities in the form of continued and persistent health issues, addiction, and depression. Desperate to break free from the ties that bind her to a life where she felt it served no purpose knowing deep down she could do so much more; she began to always choose adventures which began her new journey. She began to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to tackle almost anything she missed out on and in the process was blessed with meeting hundreds of kind, adventurous souls who've changed her world as she knows it. 


Her favorite adventures include but aren’t limited to camping, hiking, skydiving, volunteering, helping others, and backpacking. 


Chantelle founded Always Choose Adventures to remind people who may be suffering from various physical or mental conditions that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!



Favorite Adventures:

Life is by far, his all-time favorite Adventure! A close second was his 16-day trek to the base camp of Mount Everest for his honeymoon, and the 2-day free-diving course in Thailand that followed. Some of his adventure-based hobbies include: surfing, skydiving, wilderness survival courses, and taking his kids to the skate park.



Why He Always Chooses Adventures:

Adventure is the essence of life. If you’re not constantly challenging yourself, putting yourself in uncomfortable positions, growing…you’re not living. After 10 years serving as a military security forces officer, it was time to put what he learned to use in the civilian sector. In 2013, he and his business partner, opened up “Axistence”, a training center dedicated to preparing people for a life of adventure. The Axistence mission of “Inspiring a life of active existence through Adventure, Community, and Education” is the bedrock of helping people get outside of their comfort zone, to ascend to the next level in their greatness, all with the support of those around them. Partnering with ACA just makes sense. The mission is in perfect alignment, and together they will continue to better people’s lives through adventure.



Favorite Adventures:

Her favorite adventure is exploring this world and all it has to offer! She may be mildly addicted to snowshoeing, the quiet and magic comes alive in a snow-covered forest. She loves to travel, knocked off 28 countries and counting, hiking, camping, ice fishing, canoeing/kayaking, scuba diving, and just overall exploring!


Why She Always Chooses Adventures:

She grew up with nature as a huge part of her life.  She believes life is an adventure, and nature is where we go to recharge.  As a child, she grew up in a small town and for a good chunk lived on a farm.  She always had a connection to animals, and was horseback riding by the age of 7, scuba diving regularly by the age of 12, and was pretty much always outdoors.  As an adult, she finds the most peace on top of a mountain, or in a snowy forest. Her belief is that without nature in our lives we are not whole.