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Adventure is our Natural State

We are born to adventure, born to explore, born to push our bodies to carry us further outside of comfort zones every day. Now I know that sounds exactly like the kind of grandiose statement you’d expect someone to write in one of these blogs but it’s truth. Just take a second and think about it; we are born helpless little blobs completely dependent on others for our survival; then one day we learn to crawl. Everything we do is a challenge, everything we do is a first, everything we do is an adventure. Those adventures grow from crawling on all fours to running until we feel like our chests are going to explode, climbing the tallest trees we can find and flying over the handlebars of our bikes. What about that first time you lied to your parents and told them you were staying at a friend’s house, so you could stay out all night long? Adventures…every one of them...every first…every challenge…every risk was another everyday adventure.

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