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Always Choose Adventures (ACA) Introduces Unique Calendar

Updated: Sep 24, 2018

Centennial, Colo. (Thursday, December 13th, 2017) -- Always Choose Adventures (ACA), a charitable network of more than 7,000 people dedicated to philanthropy and living life to each individual's potential, announced that it is launching its first-ever calendar. The calendar, which features ACA members who are amateur models, was developed to illustrate perseverance and dedication, and to serve as a reminder that anything is possible.

The calendar features Scott Garcia who has Autism and has reached the summit of 31 of Colorado’s 58 highest peaks (called 14ers). Another featured model, Chris Mueser, completed summiting all the 14ers just a year into recovery from Prostate Cancer diagnosis and major surgery. Lastly, Roger Austin who completed the Manitou Incline 1,719 times, which has a 34° grade in places plus over 2,000 feet of elevation gain in under one mile. At over 3.4 million vertical feet climbed in a single year, this is an unofficial world record. He is also a Colorado 14er finisher.

ACA Founder, Chantelle Shoaee said, “I wanted to make a calendar that would remind people who may be suffering from various physical or mental conditions that anything is possible. These people are motivational and embody the spirit of ACA.”

About Always Choose Adventures

ACA is a nationwide organization committed to volunteering and helping communities connect through nature, experiences, and one another. The group believes that if people are active, get outdoors and socialize, they can defeat Nature Deficit Disorder.

ACA provides tools, training, confidence, and assistance to people from all walks of life in order to try new things, learn new hobbies and grow as happy, healthy individuals. By developing and implementing core values based on mental and physical fitness, ACA strives to create a solid foundation of activity, adventure and appreciation for the outdoors for future generations.


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