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Bishops Castle Needs Your Help

52 years of hard work, blood, sweat and tears. Jim Bishop has spent more than half of his life working on one of the most gorgeous structures we’ve ever seen! Bishop Castle is located in the San Isabel National Forest, just southwest of Pueblo, Colorado.

Jim allows people from all over the world to visit and adore his masterpiece, FREE of charge - bringing so much joy, and memories to anyone who visits the castle. The Gift Shop at Bishop Castle, along with the small building Jim uses while working on the castle completely burnt to the ground. The gift shop was Jim Bishops primary source of income and now there’s approximately $185,000 in damages, with no insurance to cover the repairs or rebuild.

Leaving the Bishop Family wondering how they’ll continue business, much less put food on the table.

We ask that anyone who may see this post to donate, and share so we can all give back to the Bishop family. Jim is 72 years old and the last thing he, or his family need to worry about is rebuilding and how to stay financially afloat.

Please consider donating to assist with the rebuild. You may send a donation one of the following ways.

How to help:

1. Donations can be sent directly their home in Pueblo: 1529 Claremont Ave. Pueblo, CO 81004

2. or to their direct PayPal account

3. Or donations can be made to GoFundMe:

Thank you to our community for stepping up yesterday and assisting a hand with the cleanup. We can’t thank you enough, we couldn’t imagine going through this.

Also, if you are interested in helping with the clean-up and rebuild process, we are working with Dan Bishop, Jim’s son to schedule our next volunteer day. More details to follow.

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