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From Fantasy Sports to Outdoor Enthusiast

On average, nearly 20 million people tune in to watch sporting events and well over 150 million play video games. That’s 64 percent of the American households! At least one person at each home who plays video games regularly. Sports-related video games like, WWE is most popular and second comes FIFA soccer. Other popular games are MLB baseball, NBA 2k sports as well as Madden NFL games. Everyone has a favorite option! Meanwhile, nearly 45 million people as of 2017 hike in the United States according to Statista. It has jumped about 15 million more than 10 years ago when it was studied. Everyone has been kicking the gaming habit by trading in their video game controllers for trekking poles.

That’s what transpired in the last couple of years in my life.

My lifestyle has changed in the last couple of years mainly since 2017. My social media habits have changed dramatically from sports to more outdoor related content. I haven’t followed sports as much then I use. I still root for both the LA Chargers and LA Lakers no matter what! Being a native from Oceanside, California. I’ve been a diehard fan most of my life. I’ve gone to their games and kept track of scores, highlights and wore both Kobe Bryant and LaDainian Tomlinson jerseys. However, I’m currently more into outdoor recreation like hiking and mountaineering. It has brought me a new focus plus been a major impact in my life socially, mentally and most of all physically. I use to interact with other folks that were only into sports. They weren't into hiking what’s so ever. Nowadays it’s the other way around. The people I interact with today I may have not known a few years earlier. It’s has been a major transition for me. My interactions may differ with most people but most of the time I walk up to somebody and mentioned hiking, for example, we just click and chit chat for hours, it use to be that way with sports.

I had never thought I’d meet this many many more people in, especially famous mountaineers like Gerry Roach, Alex Honnold, etc. Back then, it was more excitement of witnessing a sports team winning, a championship which I was not be part of in real life.

Today, I have met many people from all walks of life in the outdoor community. I also have overcome my Autism and climbing the highest peaks in Colorado. I became an inspiration for many folks that needed encouragement to get off the couch and conquer great adventures. I proudly serve as a Colorado Ambassador for a non-profit Always Choose Adventures based in Centennial, CO. I have met many people from the Colorado Fourteeners community as well.

I currently work at Target Distribution Center in Pueblo, CO. So far, it has been an amazing experience. I love how they operate during the busy holiday seasons with their stores in the region. Prior to that, I worked in Food Service at a nursing home for five years with a great nursing staff before moving on to new things. It was quite a transition from working in a nursing home environment to now warehousing. I got along with many people from all over. I once had a hard time fitting in with other groups of people but now it has become much easier.

I have not touched a video game controller in ages. My PlayStation 3 still packed inside a box with rest of my video games such and such I haven’t played in years. Every now and then during the season, I’ll check the scores and statistics from each team to determine where they're at in a line up with other teams. It uses to be a popular thing growing up. Even before I got into video games for a short time in my early 20s, I spent a lot of time outdoors in my backyard daily build city skyscrapers made out of bricks and wood from my very own imagination. Been an architect in my very own backyard. Plus riding bicycles around the neighborhood during my teenage years. Been outside has been a huge part of my childhood through my teenage life, not just sports.

I may have moved on from being a Sports fanatic and more into an outdoor enthusiast. At the end of the day, we’re all winners!

Scott Garcia, Colorado Ambassador

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