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Glacier National Park expects to open early June!

Glacier National Park expects to open its gates to visitors some time in early June, but what services visitors will be able to access it is still undecided.

Superintendent Jeff Mow has indicated for weeks that the park would likely open in mid-June, but has maintained that it would coordinate with the state on its reopening. Gov. Steve Bullock’s Tuesday announcement on Phase Two solidified Glacier’s plan, and its gates could open early next month.

“So for a visitor coming in, it'll have that same early season look: Really not many services, no concessions, but you’ll be able to drive, you’ll be able to park, you’ll be able to use the restroom," Mow said.

He said the opening of other amenities, such as campgrounds and visitor centers, will be delayed. When and how those services will be offered will depend on visitor numbers and staffing. Mow explained the park will be operating with up to 40% fewer seasonal staff due to COVID-19-related housing restrictions.

Social distancing guidance will also likely mean that the park’s popular shuttle service will not operate. Private bus and boat tours have either delayed or canceled their services this season.

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