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What to Wear Hiking

-Dress in Layers

  • When hiking, temperatures can very from the trailhead to the summit, in all seasons.

  • The best way to be prepared is to dress in layers. As you work up a sweat you can remove layers or if the temperature drops you can add a layer.

-Base Layer

  • Your base layer should be a moisture wicking material such as polyester, nylon, rayon and wool. Avoid cotton as a base layer, it absorbs moisture and won’t keep you warm once it gets wet. Base layer also includes socks.

-Insulation Layer

  • Your insulation layer can be fleece or down. This will keep you warm but won’t retain moisture.

-Outer Layer

  • The outer layer is the layer that goes over everything and provides the most protection and this also includes pants. This is where you’re going to have many variables. There are many options available and doing research will help you choose the best option. A few of the options to consider are waterproof vs water-resistant, windproof vs wind-resistant, hard shell, soft, hybid shell and insulated shell. Choosing the right outer layer will make all the difference on the trail.

-Head Protection

  • Hats, beanies, headbands

-Hiking Boots

  • Footwear is an area that will be a major purchase; having a great pair of boots is difference between a great day hiking and day of frustration. Take your time and try on several pairs, ask around for recommendations and be sure you know the return policy when making your purchase.

Stephanie Solorazano

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