Favorite Adventures:
Climbing, camping, snowboarding, hiking and exploring top the list of Todd’s favorites whether it’s for work or play.  He enjoys getting outdoors with people from all walks of life and ability levels and is never one to shy away from lending a helping hand to adventure sports first timers.  In his professional life, he works as a rope technician helping train and encourages Non Profit fundraisers to rappel from high rise buildings across the country to raise money for some really great causes.

Why He Always Chooses Adventures:

He connected with ACA because he believes that they embody the message that everyone can choose adventures; that adventures aren’t just limited to people on the cover of National Geographic or climbing 5.13. Adventure is that thing that makes you challenge yourself and when you find yourself running into the end of your comfort zone your adventure starts when you say “yes” to going just a little further.  Your adventure doesn’t need to be putting up a new route on an 8000m peak it could simply be walking around your neighborhood and striving to walk just a little further each day. Todd has been lucky to have a lot of really great outdoor mentors in his life that have pushed him to stretch his comfort zones and now he owes a debt to help others do the same and to show others that you can Always Choose Adventures no matter who or where you are.


New York

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