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Favorite Adventures:

Canyoneering, Skiing, Mountaineering, Mountain Biking, Motorcycle Riding, Pizza.


Why He Always Chooses Adventures: Christian grew up in a family that never spent time having outdoor adventures. His only interaction with the outdoors was found through his scout troop as they did the occasional camp or hike. As he grew up he always felt like he was missing something in life. That was until his sister started dating Nathan. Nathan took Christian on his first mountain bike ride, ski trip, and backpacking trip. Since then Christian has been passionate about all things outdoors! Now Christian is an avid canyoneer, landscape photographer, mountain biker, mountaineer, and skier. In addition to these favorite activities, Christian dabbles in sport climbing, whitewater kayaking, and backpacking. Christian's goal as an ambassador to Always Choose Adventures is to create awareness in the outdoors to "leave no trace". "As a Colorado plateau canyoneer, he often crosses paths with ancient artifacts. It breaks his heart when he sees these items vandalized with new carvings. He doesn't believe that anyone has the intention of destroying these artifacts or the natural beauty of slot canyons, but it happens because of the increasing interest of exploring the world, and the lack of knowledge given to those before they embark on their adventure." Every time Christian goes on an adventure he seeks out waste that others have left behind and ALWAYS leaves room in his backpack to pack it out. "If you aren't a part of the solution, you are part of the problem."



Favorite Adventures:

Climbing, Canyoneering, Mountain biking, yoga, photography, road trips, rollerblading 


Why She Always Chooses Adventures: Adventures have been Miranda’s wings to the happiest times in her life. Through facing and conquering challenges in the outdoors, Miranda has developed lifelong relationships, and a confidence in herself that she’s never had before. Along with being dedicated in teaching people the safety of the outdoors, Miranda is also an advocate of the great importance in the knowledge on how to take care of them. Learning how to properly take care of the outdoors will help keep the wilderness wild, and preserve the therapeutic affects it has for future generations.



Favorite Adventures:

Hiking, backpacking, camping, climbing, canyoneering, stories around the campfire, SCUBA diving, Long boarding


Why She Always Chooses Adventures: As a kid, Janessa found the greatest joy camping with her family and seeing the world from their suburban. Sharing special outdoor experiences with people who are important to her has built her into who she is today. She loves introducing people to new adventures and reliving those first breathtaking moments on a rappel or scenic hike through them. It's important to her that people know and help each other understand how to be safe, responsible, and thoughtful of outdoor spaces while enjoying them. She chooses adventures because she's found that the best way to get to know someone is to take them away from cell service and enjoy some good old type 2 fun. 

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