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Through Camp ACA clinics, Always Choose Adventures removes barriers & provides educational & safe opportunities at our one-of-a-kind unique 5.5 acres Off-Grid facility, just 15 minutes outside of Idaho Springs. We are surrounded by wildlife, national forest, & have a perfect setting to instill confidence & outdoor preservation. Our clinics have been curated to original offerings only ACA provides.


To help people of all ages and abilities access the outdoors through education, stewardship and community. 

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Camp Always Choose Adventures believes in the power of adventures. Our vision is to build future generations of adventurous open minds and open hearts. Through our programs, we offer opportunities to learn, grow, and explore Colorado's great outdoors. Providing education clinics and events to establish strong connections within our community while teaching values of off-grid living, leave no trace, outdoor gear, and stewardship of our land. 

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