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Welcome to Camp Always Choose Adventures, the nation’s first off-grid outdoor educational campground: Situated at an elevation of 9,300 feet in Central City, Colorado, we’re just a 15-minute drive from Idaho Springs. Our unique campground offers a Tipi and dispersed camping sites amidst the breathtaking Rocky Mountains, where you can often spot elk, moose, deer, and bears in their natural habitat.

Our driveway is the gateway to Yankee Hill, the largest Off-Road Highway Vehicle area in the Front Range of Colorado, with numerous hiking trails nearby. For your convenience, we offer rental options for outdoor gear, including tents, sleeping bags, and almost anything else you might need. You can arrive empty-handed and still enjoy a full camping experience in the Rockies.

We offer a one-stop-shop for all of your Colorado bucket-lists! Camping in The Rocky Mountains WITH premier outdoor gear provided, 4×4 adventures, and everything in-between!
At Camp Always Choose Adventures, we are excited to partner with Native Jeeps and Colorado Adventure Guides to enhance your Rocky Mountain experience.

Native Jeeps will meet you at our campground and hand you the keys to your unforgettable 4×4 adventure. As the only permitted You-Drive Jeep tour company operating in Clear Creek and Eagle County, Native Jeeps offers unique expedition tours on breathtaking trails that no one else can show you.

Colorado Adventure Guides is our trusted backcountry outfitter and avalanche education provider, offering activities for all ages and experience levels throughout all four seasons. In the summer, enjoy adventures like white water rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, and mountaineering. In the winter, they offer backcountry education, backcountry skiing, ice climbing, snowshoe tours, winter peak ascents, and hut trips. Join us for an adventure of a lifetime with our expert partners!

Leave No Trace: As a proud partner of the Leave No Trace. We promote the practice of Leave No Trace and emphasize responsible outdoor ethics, encouraging all our visitors to minimize their impact on the environment. By fostering a deep respect for nature, we aim to protect and preserve our beautiful surroundings for future generations while promoting outdoor accessibility for youth and individuals with disabilities

Accessibility: At Camp Always Choose Adventures, we are thrilled to offer Extreme Motus wheelchairs to our guests, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the great outdoors to the fullest. These all-terrain wheelchairs are designed to navigate the rugged terrain of the Rocky Mountains, providing unparalleled mobility and freedom. Whether you’re exploring our scenic trails, joining an off-road adventure, or simply enjoying the natural beauty of our campground, the Extreme Motus wheelchairs empower individuals with disabilities to participate fully in all our outdoor activities. We are committed to making outdoor adventures accessible to all, breaking barriers, and fostering an inclusive environment for everyone.

Wildlife: We typically have moose, elk, deer and sometimes even bears in our valley. If you wake up between 5:30AM – 6:30AM, you’ll most likely see animals in the valley, or willow grove. Be aware there are four friendly resident camp dogs ready to greet you upon arrival. This campground is very dog-friendly, but if you have any concerns about dogs, please let us know, and we can ensure they are kept away from the campground during your stay. We will make every effort to accommodate you.

Outdoor Amenities: Guests have access to outdoor amenities such as a communal fire pit for evening gatherings, picnic tables, and clean, port a pot restroom facilities. Educational Opportunities: As part of your stay, you can participate in outdoor educational clinics offered by Camp ACA, learning about Leave No Trace principles, various outdoor recreational gear, local wildlife, the history of Idaho Springs and Central City and the importance of environmental stewardship.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, our mission is to break barriers in the outdoors for youth and individuals with disabilities. Funds raised from our campground directly benefit underserved youth and those with disabilities, supporting our goal to make the great outdoors accessible to all. We thank you for your donation. For more information about us please visit:

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