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Hiking Colorado Summits & Overcoming Autism

When I set out to hike up some of Colorado’s highest peaks, the trail to the top started with extreme focus, I have a keen way with memorizing maps and numbers and a passion to get closer to the two people I loves most. I have a hard time with any kind of change, but when I focus on something, it becomes my main thing in life. That’s what being autistic does.

It makes me shy. It's easier just to stay focused and just to focus on my goals. In a sense, I have used characteristics caused by autism to summit 45 of the states “14ers." Colorado has 58 Fourteeners.

Growing up with Autism was difficult at times especially going through many changes in my life but all I can do to overcome it is to stay focus, succeed my goals and most importantly make my family and friends very proud. Plus being an inspiration to many folks throughout the outdoor community.

Scott Garcia, Colorado Ambassador

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