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Rewild Your Child

Always Choose Adventures strives to get kids outdoors and off their apps. 

Our society is addicted to its screens and our children are most affected by this. It's written in our kids being diagnosed with anxiety and depression way too young. It's written in childhood obesity. It's written in neighborhood streets empty of kids, most of whom have opted to stay home to play and socialize through their apps.

Always Choose Adventures was built on the belief that being outside and in nature changes lives for the better. It's why we started Rewild Your Child. We organize hikes, camping trips, and activities, specifically geared to our youngest members in order to get children of all ages back to nature and wild!

As part of the Rewild Your Child mission, we are excited to introduce our first Junior Ambassador team! Please see below to read more about them and why they Always Choose Adventures!

Junior Ambassador Team


Favorite Adventures:
Rock climbing, rock hounding, hiking, ice fishing, fishing, backpacking, camping, and running.

Why She Always Chooses Adventures:
She always talks to mountains like they're family, and for her 9th birthday, she hiked her first 14er. It was Handies Peak. She really loves nature so much and her greatest goals that she wants to achieve are climbing the Dawn Wall, hiking every 14er, and being the greatest climber in the history of climbers.

"It is a great honor to be the first Kid Ambassador of ACA!"


Favorite Adventures:
Camping, rock scrambling, basketball, fishing, and hiking with his friends.

Why He Always Chooses Adventures:
Sometimes, it's hard to get out there. He often thinks that Minecraft adventures would be better than real life adventures, but once he gets out there, he finds that this is not true most of the time. He would like to show other kids that it's worth it to get out there. Eventually, he would like to make a show about nature and survival.

"It will be an honor to show kids what it's like to be in nature!"


Favorite Adventures:
Hiking and camping at Mt. Rushmore and bike riding with his family.

Why He Always Chooses Adventures:
He likes to ACA because he thinks life is a big adventure. He likes to see what is in the world and to see moose in the wild!


Favorite Adventures:
Going to the lake to paddleboard and camp.

Why She Always Chooses Adventures:

She gets to spend time with friends and do cool stuff like rock climbing and going to the lake. Also, take hikes and be in nature, and she really likes that.