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5 Reasons I Always Choose Adventures

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Get Off the Couch and Get Outside

One day of hiking burns hundreds of calories, it’s a great way to stay in shape. There are trails close to the city or a short drive away. What ever you are looking for Colorado has it. Also, Colorado boasts 300 days of sunshine, which are 300 reasons to get outside and experience nature. If winter excites you too, then you get 365 days to get outside and adventure.

Extraordinary Community

This community is welcoming, friendly and kind. From the leadership to the members, everyone I have met has been helpful. ACA is civic minded and its members continually give back to their communities. What an honor to be part of this community.

Wealth of Knowledge and Experience

The experienced hikers of ACA are amazing in sharing their knowledge of the best trails and gear. Everyone is kind and truly excited to share his or her knowledge. Here’s just a few questions that they have helped me with, which brands are most durable, how to layer, where to hike, best hike for newbies, best first 14er, what’s a crampon, why I need to carry micro-spikes in my pack, best sunrise hikes.

Sharing Trail Snacks

Chantelle’s potato salad burritos or are they tacos?! Either way, they are delicious and shareable. I am continually amazed at how generous everyone is and sharing trail snacks is a perfect example.

Make New Friends

The Always Choose Adventures Community has enhanced my life with so many new friends. Hiking and sharing adventures really brings people together and I am so thankful to have ACA in my life.

One bonus reason I ACA

Sharing the views! There is something special about standing on the top of a mountain holding the ACA flag next to the coolest people in Colorado!

Stephanie Solorzano, Colorado Ambassador

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