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Always Choose Adventures goes nonprofit!

It’s hard to believe it’s only been two years since this community began. It began with a gut instinct, a vision and need.

As of today we’re at 9,608 members, with roughly 8,100 active members. Our events have always been low cost or free depending on the activity. I personally have put my life savings into this mission because I see it affecting the lives of many and know it will continue to do so, on levels I cannot yet comprehend.

Today I’d like to announce our movement from just a Facebook group to a registered, licensed 5013c nonprofit. Our mission is to help people of all ages, backgrounds, skill levels, and physical abilities to access the outdoors, get off the couch and connect with others while doing so. Becoming a nonprofit will open up doors we would not have had otherwise with grants and funding.

I’d like to introduce our all female badass adventurous board members.

1. Alicia Chavez

2. Ashley Lureen

3. Lauren Sawvel

4. Bryony Zasman

5. Chantelle Shoaee

With our director of communications being Brittany Schwartz, who will continue to help manage our ambassador team and various operational aspects of ACA.

Our Ambassador team has changed and grown as we have over the last two years. I’d like to introduce our current ambassador team -

Courtney Hopkins

Hung Lieu

Scott Garcia

Todd Mederios NY

Ashley Yeager

Barry Johnson

Cory Smith

Kristy Roggeman

Patrick Ganpath AZ

Jonathan Sanchez

If I listed off all the details of why these folks are ambassadors we’d be here all night, just know they’re working with ACA daily to make our community what it is today and even stronger in the future.

As of today we’ve held 234 adventurous events, they have brought many people together by developing friendships through adventure. I’d also like to announce our membership program that will launch in the next two weeks. This platform will be a low cost monthly fee of $10 per month to access multiple deals from various outfitters and local businesses in Colorado. This program will help save you thousands of dollars as an adventurer and all funds will be put directly back into ACA to help our community even further. For those of you who have been here to support us from day one we will offer an OA package once we launch. OA stands for original adventurer, you’ll be able to register for $8 per month with the same discounts, just a lower monthly price.

Once we have our membership officially launched we will post via Facebook and Instagram. I’m personally very excited to see the growth, development and adventures that continue to happen because of our community. Thank you for being a part of it.

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