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Healing through the Adventures

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Hi, Always Choose Adventures Tribe! I’m Lara Seng and I am the newest Colorado ACA Ambassador based in Colorado Springs! Many of you don't know that I spent this last year, 2018, dealing with the challenges of breast cancer. During my eight-week recovery after a double mastectomy, I was frustrated, weak, and impatient. It was a difficult time, full of restrictions and limitations, for someone who doesn’t like to stay put.

Though scary and intimidating, cancer sure has a way of putting things in perspective for you. It forces you to open your eyes, appreciate each day, and live life to the fullest. I made the decision to remain positive, and I put my energy into dreaming of all the opportunities that were ahead of me. By the end of my recovery, I had planned a summer packed full of adventures including, hiking, cycling, kayaking, backpacking, a 14er, and even an epic trip to Havasupai.

Being outdoors was therapeutic, motivating, and uplifting. I can tell you first hand that being active helped me tremendously throughout the healing process. As we go through life, we may encounter challenges, setbacks, hard times, and injuries that may bring us down. Whatever you may encounter, allow yourself the time to heal, keep a positive spirit, and Always Choose Adventures!

Lara Seng, Colorado Ambassador

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